Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wow, two months has gone by.

I feel like I've blinked and two months has just flown by. It just seems like just the other day I was first learning how to model a hand and now I now how to rig, paint weight maps, model characters and environments, face shapes, constrain, create basic ICE trees, etc. I really should post some of my cg stuff, I've got some renders and captures.

After listening to Craig rant, I mean lecture, lecture us about what we should do for our demo reels, the scope we should aim for, what we intend to convey with it, who we're targeting with it and, perhaps mopst important of all, what we shouldn't do I've come up with a new idea for my demo reel. The Metalocalypse styled short film still appeals to me, but I don't think that it's something I could do and do well within the next semester.

I'll keep working on the designs for it, if only to have more things for my demo reel and grad pages.

I'm going to model, texture, rig, weight map and face shape this--the summoned minion from the Metalocalypse short idea--for grad page material and not worry about how well it can animate, just how well I can pose it. Have some cool looking stuff for grad.

The new idea for my demo reel involves relying more on a piece of acting to dialogfue rather than trying to mmake a short film. I'll be revisiting a bit of dialogue I used for a piece of animation from fourth semester in the commercial animation program. It's a line from the 11th episode of Clone High spoken by Principle Scudworth, right before the phone call from John Stamos (STAMOS!).

"I first got the idea for Cloney Island after watching the movie Jurasic Park 3. But my ill-conceived amusement park will be filled with human clones instead of zoo animsls. It's as fool proof as the amusement park in the film itself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

A simple but expressive character. James Bond villain-ish. The interior environment will be pretty minimalist, just a few plains, the 60's style desk and an implied window via the lighting. I need to come up with some sort of juxtaposition to the dialogue and acting. Right now I'm leaning towards a 60 foot tall, atomic, super baby Abe Lincoln clone--with chin-strap beard and stove top--punch through the window, grab the mad scientist villain dude mid-cackle, pull him outside and roar as laser beams shoot from his eyes. I have no idea what the exterior environment will look like.