Monday, April 30, 2007


You know the day is going to get off to an auspicious beginning when you wake up well rested and of your own accord just in time to hear your radio alarm clock go off and play Bob Marley's "Don't worry, be happy". It just sets a general tone for the day.

Anyhow, I went into town, bought some dvd-r's to put demo reel on, got home and got down to business. I downloaded Audacity, and in conjunction with Windows Movie Maker I was able to cobble together this...

MAH DEMO REEL! Yay, and there was much rejoicing!

I couldn't get the final video on to one of the dvd-r's I bought because that wasn't an option I could find in Window's Movie Maker (weird) and Nero wouldn't make a Video DVD with a wmv file. Luckily it fit just fine on to a cd-r I had.

Tomorrow the real work begins as I have to go through all of the assignments I did over the last semester, creating digital copies of them, going through all of the local studios sites to find out what they want in an applicants submission portfolio, putting together said portfolio and hitting up all the HR people.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Final Animation

For some reason I can't upload my final animation in its complete form on to youtube. I was able to upload the avi's for the seperate scenes, but I'd feel pretty goofy embedding several youtube clips in one blog post when each clip is only a second or two long. Since the entire animation is only 18 seconds long I must've buggered something up in Adobe Premier when compiling it all together.

I've got the individual clips here and Windows Movie Maker so I can try to put it altogether, until then here's my three dimensional head turn which seemed to have impressed Don...

So updating and stuff.

With the end of the semester I really didn't have time for, well, much of anything outside of school work, this blog included. But now I have plenty of free time, in fact more than I know what to do with. I need to get a summer time job as quickly as possible or think I'll go crazy. Anyhow, update-y-type stuff...err, here's a doodle of Spider Jerusalem I did while volunteering for the '07 Grad Show (which was kind of scary and reaaallllyyyy impressive).

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Final model pack

In hindsight it seems like you get so little from so much, I swear I killed a small portion of the rain forrest to arrive at this point.

Colored 3/4's

Comparison sheet

Protagonist Man's rotation sheet

Expression sheets for Moanica and Herr Doktor

Pose sheets for Moanica and Herr Doktor

Prop design